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I went through four gastroenterologists before meeting and sticking with Dr. Kornbluth. His treatment of patients is second to none. He treats you with respect and makes sure you understand the treatment being provided and why it is the best option. He also lets you know what potential future paths might be necessary for achieving your medical goal(mine being remission). He has never rushed me through an appointment and always listens to my concerns and thoroughly answers my questions. If I forget to ask something at an appointment, I can write an email through his secure email service and he will promptly reply. In my opinion Dr. Kornbluth plays the role of doctor and educator. I have never been so well informed or felt so cared for by a physician. He is truly an exceptional person and wants what is best for his patients. My search for the best gastroenterologist ended with Dr. Kornbluth. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment if you are in need of gastrointestinal care.