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Doctor Goldstein is a phenomenal doctor. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate. I was scheduled to have an endoscopy at Mount Sinai Hospital. Originally it was supposed to be at ambulatory settings where he does all of his endoscopies but due to insurance reasons he did me a favor and offered to do the procedure at the hospital on his day off. However, once arriving at the hospital I was told I was not on the list for the procedure. His office staff had sent over my records to them three times in which they completely neglected to put me on the list for the test. Doctor Goldstein said he’d wait till my insurance was verified to do my procedure since he knew I needed to have this endoscopy. He had waited a total of four hours to do a ten minute procedure and was late that day for his other obligations. I cannot speak more highly of this doctor. He really cares for his patients and treats you as a person not another case number. I highly recommend East River Gastroenterology.