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I rarely, if ever, write reviews. However, I feel compelled to write one for Dr. Miller. He is truly an outstanding physician who has saved my life at least twice.

I have been under his care for over two years now, since I was referred to him by Columbia University’s medical center.

Dr Miller is attentive and thorough. He ensured that I was properly diagnosed and that I followed through on my drug regimen to ensure minimal side effects. He came to see me everyday when I was in a hospital and followed up regulary after I was discharged to see to it that I was recovering.

In fact, once I forgot to carry my medication on a trip, and he called in an emergency prescription at a pharmacy near me on a SUNDAY! A SUNDAY!

His network is great too. He referred to a surgeon who was phenomenal in helping me with another issue.

The only qualm I have is with some of the office staff. It can sometimes be challenging to get them to get a prescription to the right pharmacy when you need it most.

I am fortunate to be on his service and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend him.