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Three reasons why Dr. Kornbluth is my favorite doctor: 1) His bedside manner is superb. Dr. Kornbluth makes me feel like I’m his only patient. He listens to me, he remembers everything, and he always goes out of his way to accommodate my needs. He is very kind, efficient and attentive. He always writes or calls back too. Even when I was living overseas, Dr. Kornbluth kept in touch with me and my doctors. 2) He is an expert in his field. He is brilliant and I appreciate the way he explains everything to me. He always answers my questions and I can rest assured that he knows what he is doing. I trust him. 3) Dr. Kornbluth works with a great team of doctors and health professionals. His staff is helpful even when they are very busy. They will take the time to listen, answer questions and send information. Sometimes the office wait can be a little long, but the wait is worth every minute. I always leave his office feeling better and happy.