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I have had several colonoscopies over the past 25 years with NYGA. I have always been amazed at how well I am treated, by the reception staff and the anesthesiologists, to the gastroenterologists. My favorite MD, although they are all great, is Dr. Miller. He has such a wonderful way of connecting with patients, and he has a sense of humor and a true sense of warmth. He is brilliant and recently was able to heal an ulcer that I had in a few months time. I have a strong family history of colon cancer and frequently have polyps removed during my colonoscopy. He always reports to me, after the procedure, with a personal phone call to let me know if the removed polyps were benign or pre cancerous. I was recommended to New York Gastroenterologists and I must say, that they provide me with the highest level of care and respect. I have recommended friends and relatives to NYGA and several MD’s that I know are also patients. Dr. Miller will give you the time you need to talk, wether during an office visit, or a procedure.