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I cannot sing Dr. Kaveler’s praises enough! I have been dealing with some weird stomach issues for the last 3 years, and he is the first doctor I have seen to not treat me like a crazy person! He was nothing but warm and caring, and thorough! He was fully booked when I called to make an appointment, and unlike other doctors I called before him- he made time for me that day instead of having me wait 2-3 months in agony for an appointment. Dr. Kavaler sat with me and listened to everything, and we worked together to decide course of treatment. His bedside manner is jovial and light, and it really helps put you at ease and reminds you that you are talking to a human and not a white coat. There were some logistical issues that arose with my insurance during the week between my appointment and my procedure and he responded right away to emails and even called me himself to deal with them, to offer solutions- going above and beyond to make sure I had the proper care and was able to have my procedure done. During my procedure he was calming and put my fears to rest. And, even though we still didn’t figure out the cause of my pain, he didn’t dismiss it either. I really felt like someone gave a crap about me, which is so rare for most doctors these days! If you need a GI, he really is amazing, and I cannot recommend him highly enough!