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I’ve been to three different Gastroenterologists and none have been able to correctly diagnose me except for Dr. Adler. He was able to work with me to get a prescription that actually worked and find out that I DON’T actually have a gluten allergy or am allergic to my boyfriends cat, but that I have GERD and that reflux is what was making it hard for me to breathe. He gave me a script for my gerd and even my seasonal allergy. He asked a lot f questions that none of my other GI’s asked which I thought was so helpful because no one has done that before. Very professional and made me feel comfortable, unlike another gastro that actually reffered me to an allergist before even running tests. Great front desk staff who always remembers me. Just one thing that was weird is that I am expected to pay my copay before seeing the doctor which I’ve never done before. But overall such a great doctor and I feel 100% better now.