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Sean W

Very professional and knowledgeable…felt very comfortable speaking with him.

Tina G

The Dr. was very easy to talk to. Listened to me and helped me immensely. I went to various gastro drs. who blamed my symptoms on my lack of a gallbladder, however, Dr. Iroku listened, tested and treated me. I now feel 1000% better since I was treated for my bacterial...


Dr. Iroku was fantastic – he was attentive, careful, and easy to talk to.


Very professional people that make you feel welcome. Dr. Iroku was great with explaining everything as well as listening to my concerns & what I felt I wanted to do at the time. Highly recommended

Shekinah B

I would recommend him to anyone. I came to the office nervous and uninformed and he was so thorough, calm and understanding. He answered all my questions, was diligent about calling with laboratory results even when they were totally normal. Everyone in the office was...