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Hemorrhoids – Getting To The Bottom Of It – Webinar

Hemorrhoids - Getting To The Bottom Of It

Webinar Title:
Hemorrhoids – Getting To The Bottom Of It
How to avoid, treat and keep internal and external hemorrhoids away

Webinar Summary:
Dr. Dan Adler, Dr. Ugo Iroku, and Registered Dietitian Suzie Finkel will provide the answers about hemorrhoid diagnosis and care you have been itching to know but were too shy to ask. These board-certified NYC gastroenterologists and dietitians with decades of shared multi-disciplinary experience will break down the origins, complications, and solutions to this hidden but burning topic!

Webinar Topics:

  • What exactly are hemorrhoids, and what are the reasons they occur and worsen?
  • When it is NOT hemorrhoids, what else can cause similar symptoms?
  • How are internal and external hemorrhoids diagnosed?
  • What are the potential complications of incompletely treating hemorrhoids?
  • What are some home-based remedies for dealing with “piles” (hemorrhoids)?
  • What is the best dietary approach to managing hemorrhoids
  • What are the best treatment options for getting hemorrhoids under control?


    Upcoming Webinar Date & Time:
    Thursday, May 26th, 6pm EST

    Dan Adler, MD
    Ugo Iroku, MD, MHS
    Suzie Finkel, MS, RD, CDN

    Moderated by: 
    Ugo Iroku, MD, MHS

    Estimated Webinar Length:
    45 minutes followed by a Q&A session

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