Crohn’s, Colitis, COVID and the Vaccine

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Asher Kornbluth, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine, The Mount Sinai Medical Center
New York Gastroenterology Associates

Following our first 2 extremely well-received COVID-related webinars, we presented: “Crohn’s, Colitis, COVID and the Vaccine: What We Know Right Now and Hope to Learn Soon” on January 27th, 2021.

The topics we discussed are:

  1. Does IBD increase the risk of COVID infection?
  2. Do IBD meds increase the risk of COVID infection?
  3. Do patients with IBD and COVID do better? Or worse?
  4. Should patients with IBD take the COVID vaccine? And when?

The first 2 webinars regarding COVID and the COVID Vaccine are now available on our web site at

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