COVID-19 Vaccine – Informational Webinar

Watch Our COVID-19 Informational Webinar


Asher Kornbluth, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine, The Mount Sinai Medical Center
New York Gastroenterology Associates

As a follow-up to our first Webinar on COVID-19, “COVID-19: What You Should Know for You and Your Family to Stay Well: Now and for the Future“, we presented a second webinar: “The COVID-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know for Right Now and in the Future” on Wednesday, December 23 at 8PM, to discuss the new COVID-19 vaccines available now and in the very near future.

The topics we discussed are:

  1. Are the vaccines effective?
  2. Are they safe?
  3. What are the differences between the vaccines and how do they work?
  4. Should I take the vaccine and when will it be available to me?
  5. Will the vaccines end the pandemic?